[Abuse-l] [Fwd: Link Finance and Trust Ltd]

Björn Davíðsson bjossi at snerpa.is
Thu Feb 19 13:48:17 GMT 2004

Hér er svarbréf frá eftirlitstofnun viðskiptamála í Bretlandi, en ég
áframsendi þeim vinningstilkynningu þar sem mér var tilkynnt að ég hefði
unnið 50.000.000 pund í lottói (tilkynningin var send á póstlista).

Til að gera langa sögu stutta þá er þessi áframsendi póstur orðinn að
sönnunargagni í rannsókn þarna úti.


-------- Upprunalegt Skeyti --------
Titill: Link Finance and Trust Ltd
Frá: Katherine Veal <Katherine.Veal at rbwm.gov.uk>
Dagsetning: Thu, febrúar 19, 2004 13:22
Til: "'bjossi at snerpa.is'" <bjossi at snerpa.is>

Dear Mr Davidsson

Thank you for your referral regarding the above company.

We are aware of them and as you surmise this is a scam, the Windsor
address is also fictitious. The emails are being investigated by the
Office of Fair Trading and appear to originate from Nigeria so the
people behind it are hard to pin down but hopefully will be stopped at
some point.

I am sure that you will have advised your staff not to respond, if they
do they will be asked for a £5,000 processing fee, if that gets paid
they would then be asked for a further £9,000.

We are not aware of anybody receiving money other than the people behind


Kath Veal
Trading Standards - Team Leader
York House
Sheet Street
Berkshire  SL4 1DD
Tel: (01628) 683557

This e-mail is confidential and is intended only for the person(s) named
above.   If you are not the intended addressee it is requested that you
do not copy, distribute or rely on the information contained within the
e-mail, as such action may be unlawful.

If it has reached you by mistake then please call 01628 798888 to
let us know or notify us by e-mail and then delete the message.

Thank you for your help


Snerpa ehf. - Tölvu- og netþjónusta. S: 520-4000
bjossi at snerpa.is - www.snerpa.is - GSM: 840-4008

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